The Real Matrix



If we are to be honest with ourselves, frankly, we have been led down the garden path for most of our lives.

Unfortunately, there are powerful people out there who choose to monopolise the dissemination of knowledge and information to the masses, and who wish nothing more than to seduce our minds to the point of slumber whilst manipulating us towards submitting our will, freedom and very lives for them to do what they wish – no matter how pernicious.

In other words, through our own ignorance (which is mostly conditioned into us from childhood) we are unbeknowingly empowering them to enslave us psychologically.

Now is the time to take back this power and learn to empower ourselves with the knowledge and wisdom that can eliminate these masters of deception (aka disinformation agents), so that we can then emancipate our minds towards a joyful existence filled with integrity, truth and meaning.



Slavery was never abolished, it was only extended to include everyone.


What is the best kind of slave to have? One who does not realize they are a slave! Obviously — then they won’t attempt to gain their freedom if they already think they are free. See how a slave system of this kind is created.

This video is apparently by Stefan Molyneaux, although the creator of the video is unfortunately not mentioned in the video.