Belgium – The Country with the Most Paedophilia: Within One Year 1,720 Children Disappeared



Belgium – A country known for its paedophilia scandals. From Marc Dutroux, the paedophile serial killer who used to socialise with high Belgian politicians, to Belgian politicians and TV presenters who were involved in dozens of child abuse cases in orphanages, up to Prince Albert II and the unverified rumors about his participation in paedophile parties.


Prosper Slachmuylders – 2015, the then 73 years old Belgian ex-mayor was accused for charges of child abuse in 20 cases.


It is all the more worrying to see the current figures on missing children in Belgium.

‘Child Focus’, an organisation responsible for the search for missing children in Belgium, reveals in its latest report that since 2016 until June 2017, a total number of 1,720 children have been reported missing.

The published figures show that the current figures are ten times higher than those of previous years.

The report states that out of the 1,720 children which had been reported missing, 890 fled from home and were aged between 13 and 15 years, 439 were kidnapped abroad by their own families, and five children were officially declared dead.

Paedophilia – A “Passion”of the Rich & Beautiful?

From a global point of view, it is striking that paedophile scandals occur above all in elite circles.



Starting in the USA: Seeing Jeffrey Epstein (good friend of Donald Trump and former US President Clinton) and other rich and old ugly guys in the USA, all of whom had underage sexual intercourse, and partly used their private jets for children sex parties, it is not surprising that the scum of Europe is in Belgium: One of the richest countries in Europe, known for its (blood) diamond traders and the capital Brussels, the heart of well-heeled EU parliamentarians.

Up to the UK: Jimmy Savile & co.



Jimmy Savile, the British elite’s closest friend, once was one of BBC’s most prominent presenters. It became only known after his death that he had been abusing children over decades, in more than 500 cases, he was said to have abused children and, in one case, even a dying child. A huge scandal in Great Britain, especially for the BBC, since Savile had been a moderator for the BBC for many years, as well including, of course, children shows. He was also supposed to be necrophilic, that is, he abused corpses. It is no secret that Sir Jimmy Saville (‘Sir’ is a British nobility title given as a special honour by the Queen) had contacts reaching into the highest British circles:


Jimmy Saville with Prince Charles


Saville with former Prime Minister Tony Blair


And, naturally, Saville had also contact with highest ecclesiastical circles.


  Source: Anonymous News