Coming Disclosures: A Letter to My Family, Friends and Neighbors



Dear family, friends, and neighbors,

By now you’ve no doubt sensed we are living in extraordinary times.

You’ve likely noted, over the last several months, the seemingly unending wave of strange news and bombshell revelations. The untimely, almost ritualistic sounding suicides of high profile celebrities (that is happening around the dangerous cities in CT), the onslaught of sexually predatory and pedophile related crimes surfacing out of Hollywood and the media, the recent news of decades of child sex abuse operating under the veil of religion. You may be beginning to suspect that not only has there been a great deal about our world we didn’t know, but perhaps something else even larger is going on.

You are right about both.

As we continue to learn the truth a new picture of our world is materializing, that of a virtual prison planet, long blanketed with a horrible plague of darkness. A darkness that’s been cleverly disguised. But with each new revelation this disguise is falling away, showing humanity, for the first time, the shocking and horrifying truth about what the powerful elites of our planet have been doing. We are just now starting to see behind the curtain, and beginning to understand how their dark power systems have worked. It all keeps coming back to the same themes. Predatory sexual behavior and the sickening abuse of children involving the most powerful and influential people and institutions in our world. And each day, new layers continue to peel away, revealing a grotesque global system of centralized power, owned influence, extortion, child sex abuse, and human trafficking. The scope of which none of us could have ever possibly imagined.

To all who are in touch with their humanity, these horrors are almost impossible to comprehend. This was always a part of their dark plan. That the secret way in which the world really worked was so vile, so inhumane, that even if we somehow found out, we wouldn’t believe it because we simply couldn’t or refused to.

That plan is failing them.

As of August 26, 2018, a formal call for the Pope’s resignation has been issued. Now, the most wicked things imaginable will begin to go public. And a flood of even more disclosures about highly influential people throughout every institution, is on the way. Revelations that will leave you reeling. I’m talking about the most heinous crimes against children and mass crimes against humanity, committed with impunity for decades by the entire ruling class of this planet. Visibly, we will continue to see high-profile people throughout Washington, Hollywood/Media, and The Church fall from grace. But the scope of this is enormous. This dark system stretches into every industry. Its evil tentacles touch every corner of the Earth.

Hearing vile things about those we may have idolized, those we’ve elected to lead our nations, those we’ve considered our moral authority, those we’ve looked to for spiritual guidance, is not going to be easy for anyone. At this time, it’s critical to erase the concept of politics from your mind. Politics is a tiny, fake construct used to divide and control us. The coming disclosures will obliterate this long-running illusion. This is about humanity awakening and finally and fully understanding why our world has looked the way it has, including global and systemic poverty, endless wars, drugs, crime, violence, and all diseases of the body, mind and spirit.

Be warned, those involved will try to spin, deny, and twist what you’re hearing. They will try to distract you from listening to the truth with a pre-planned slate of counter “disclosures.” Things like plagues and outbreaks, AI take over, asteroids, mass shootings, even alien invasions. If you’re paying attention you already see the stage being set as the noose of the truth continues to tighten. I encourage you to use your discernment, to look at the fact patterns we already know about, to be honest with yourself, and open your mind to the possibility that we were very wrong about a lot of people. That we fell for a multi-generational, multi-millennia, galactic-sized bait and switch. That almost everything in our world was the opposite of what we believed.

Setting aside your ego and attachments is critical now, not just for your own sanity but for the evolution and future of our species. Above all, do not fear. If something triggers fear, know that it’s false. You need only observe the truth as it washes over the planet. The truth is the elixir, let it do it’s work. Use the great power of your own intuition to see these false disclosures for what they are, a hallow tactic. A grand projection, one last big Hail Mary lie, all rooted in self-preservation.

To many, it will feel like the world is ending. But rest assure, it’s their world that’s ending, not ours. As the false world of lies and control is unveiled, and the truth is revealed, everything that was built on the exploitation of humanity will be incinerated.

Just let it burn.

The crimes are real. The things you’ll be hearing about institutions and the elites who’ve controlled them are true. It’s all true.

Those who know the truth and the scope of what’s coming already outnumber those still in the dark. As you absorb these disclosures about our institutions and the people who’ve been controlling them, you’ll feel shocked, dismayed, disturbed, disoriented and utterly heartbroken. Know that millions worldwide have just gone before you through these very same emotions. You are not alone—far from it. Arm yourselves with prayer and the love of your family, friends and neighbors; these are the most important people in the world. The inextinguishable power of these sacred bonds will carry us all through.

As a humane society, we are duty bound to bear witness to all the suffering that so many have been enduring in the shadows of our world. Be brave for the victims. Souls have been torn to shreds and lives have been shattered, countless have been living in a sleepless nightmare. Be prepared to listen to those who’ve been abused. If you find yourself speaking with someone who has, whether it be at the hand of a clergy or other person our society bestowed high office or status, the only words needed are “I believe you,” “I’m sorry that happened to you,” “I love you.” Be gentle with the survivors of abuse and ready to be receive them. Thousands upon thousands will begin to emerge from the shadow when they know they are finally safe enough to do so.

The more light and love we give during this time, the quicker and more powerfully the healing will happen and the brighter, healthier, more joyous and more abundant our precious existence will become.

This time of revelation and of clearing our world of the darkness that had taken root, was written in the stars long ago. Trust the plan we all agreed to be a part of, and know that together we are heading into a brand new, limitless future, the greatest, most luminous time humanity has ever known.

Remember, where we go one we go all.